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Rouva is the mother of notorious criminal "Mr E", little is known about her other than that she finds it disappointing that her son stutters.

Description Edit

No images of Rouva have been released, however, it is possible that the silhouette in the background of the video "Line" is her in shadow.

Assuming that this shadow is her, her head has a strange shape, similar to an open eye or an American Football, although, with all the eye symbolism in the background as well, the former is probably more likely. Or her hair is just poofy.

Appears in Edit

Songs where lore is uncovered:

  • Line

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Quotes Edit

"When Mr. E is causing trouble he has a tendency to stutter and forget his lines. His mother, Rouva thinks it's quite disappointing."

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that in Line she is holding a whip or cane. If it's a whip, this could be vital for inference.
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