Peggy Suave - Mama Leho

Peggy Suave - Mama Leho

"If there’s a parade she’ll be there, if there’s a party she’ll be there and if there’s a villain on the loose she’ll certainly be there. Litera’s Grandma is always getting herself into crazy situations, whether it’s a parade on a sunny day or a robbery in Dalley. She’s seen it all and she’s been part of it all!

Litera was officially over it, she just couldn’t fathom anymore how her grandma had gotten herself invited into a gala hosted by one of the most notorious villains in Unington. Of course, her mama didn’t know it was a gathering of villains, but somehow she still got in. The most unbelievable part about the whole thing was that Mama Leho got few of the villains to turn themselves in."



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  • It was released March 4, 2019
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