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File:-Electro Swing- Louis Jordan - Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby (Peggy Suave Remix)File:-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Almond Street BoogieFile:-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Best Buns In Town
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File:-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Nobody KnowsFile:-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Now Looka' HereFile:-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Posin'
File:-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Route 66File:-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Tellin' & Posin'File:-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - The Greatest Invention
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