-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Enemy Like Me

-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Enemy Like Me

"Being the owner of the most prestigious beauty salon in the city can be really rewarding, high society people coming in to get their hair ready for parties and gatherings will spread your name far and wide if you're as talented as Miss Value is. Or was. One day, a woman entered the salon and left not too long after as a wail could be heard through out the beauty district. The next day the salon was shut down and Miss Value was nowhere to be found.

Mumu was on a supply run for organic machine synthesized sugar, they were running low after a successful bun-sale, when he bumped into someone. Flailing and screaming apologies he didn't notice that the lady he bumped into had a very familiar face."



Characters Involved:

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first debut of Miss Value that is on a song and not just on social media
  • In the description, Sim asks for typos and sentences that he can fix. They are *throughout, and he needs to remove the comma after bun-sale.
  • This is the first Peggy Suave that actually incorporates movement into the video.
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