-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Boolean Sisters

-Electro Swing- Peggy Suave - Boolean Sisters

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"Mindy & Cindy Boolean aka The Boolean Sisters. 2 Characters from Peggy Suave Universe."



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Trivia Edit

  • In the YouTube comments for this video, a user called divinesweeper jokingly asked, "Do the Boolean Sisters have a pair of nemeses called the String Brothers?" as a reference to the Boolean true/false systems. Sim Gretina himself actually responded with "Well...There's Hart String who's a canesmith." We don't know if Sim scrapped this idea, as the comment was years ago and we have no content, but there is a possibility of Hart appearing in the future.
  • This is the first song to appear in 2016 and the second song that was released.
  • It's speculation that Mindy is the older sister because she is listed first in the description.
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